Treated Cross Beams

Crucetas con tratamiento CCA vacío-presión

The Cross beams we offer are the result of successfully combining high quality materials, modern equipment and strict follow up of the parameters that ensure a satisfactory product regulated by Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) and AWPA.

The starting point is our large wood stock available, selecting the highest quality logs.

For the graduation of the wood, REMASA EL PINO has on its staff of inspectors a professional certified in the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA).

Treated Cross Beams

The wood is sawn with an extra inch in its sections so that once dry, straightened and brushed we achieve the specific measure. The modern and imported equipment we use in the process allows us to obtain the high precision finish, in the dimensions according to the Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) that regulate these products.

The most preferred measures are of 90 mm x 115 mm x 102 mm and of 102 mm x 127 mm in a variety of lengths, nevertheless, we are able to attend any other dimension that the contractor or user requires.

After the pieces are cut they are transferred to the drying chamber where, through a traditional drying process of hot air exchange, the pieces are brought to a maximum humidity of 22%, facilitating the penetration of the preservative in the next stages of the process.

For the treatment of the crosspieces, an autoclave is used for the vacuum-pressure method (full cell). A soluble inorganic salt preservative of the type CCA (Cupro Chromium Arsenicals) or CCB (Cupro Chromium Boric)is applied where we find an oxide factor of 70% and a concentration of 5%. The minimum preservative retention achieved with this method is 3kg/m3.

Once the treatment is finished, the crosspieces are properly stowed and prepared for transport to the client's warehouses or the requested worksite.