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Our service starts from the first contact, that’s why we are a leader in QUALITY and GOOD SERVICE. Ask us any needs or requirements and we will gladly assist you. Your questions are important to us.

We own modern machinery for sawing, shaving,brushing, sanding, blunting and cutting wood pieces, which helps us to minimize the waste and reduce the processing time of your purchase orders.

In REMASA EL PINO, we saw and brush at NO EXTRA COST!!!

Our company has a modern fleet of owned trucks for deliveries in Lima and Provinces. Our staff and units are at your convenience to deliver your orders where you need them.

In Lima city, delivery is FREE!!!

For the elaboration of floors, ceilings, walls or platforms. Our advice will allow you to optimize your wood requirement with better finishes. We have the best and most modern multi-blade WEINIG brand machines from Germany, ready to fulfill your orders.

Lap Joints – Tongue and Groove – Rabbet – Dado

Waterproof, fireproof, against biological attacks; by methods of immersion, coating, spray or vacuum pressure. We use water-soluble salts, creosote derivatives CCA-CCB, protective varnishes, among others to keep wood sanitized and seal the pores that can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

Secure your health, we do not use toxic pentachlorophenol.

Specifications Crushers Treatment G
Treatment method for the preservation and waterproofing of wood (Immersion Creosote method)

Ensure the quality of your work using kiln-dried wood. We own drying chambers that allow us deliver a more resistant wood with better physical and mechanical conditions that make them ideal for receiving treatments and finishes afterwards. Avoid costly handling and enjoy our service quality by drying your wood at Remasa el Pino. Our infrastructure lets us to dry large volumes in accurate time.

Check for our Kiln-Dried wood stock and save time.  

Avoid risks, contact us. We have experience, stock, machinery and specialized personnel to handle big projects.