Plywood And Boards

Triplay lupuna, Fancy, Capinuri, Okoume, Copaiba 1.22mt (4’) x 2.44mt (8’)
Triplay Fenólico Premium film 2 caras
Triplay Fenólico de Pino Radiata B/C

Plywood And Boards

We have the biggest variety of plywood: Lupuna, Fancy, Capinurí, Phenolic Film, Phenolic Pine and Veneers from the best factories in Peru and the world. Our Plywood is elaborated under rigorous national and international standards, recognized for their QUALITY and DURABILITY, that together with their precision in weight and measurements make of our boards the best from all across the country.


The boards are made by stacking wood sheets, alternating the direction of the thread and glued one to another with a mix of phenol and formaldehyde glue, at high temperatures and pressure. The number of sheets varies according to the thickness desired in the finished measurement. They are treated with imported preservative resins which mean greater durability and resistance to attacks by fungi and insects.

The Phenolic Film Faced and Phenolic Pine boards that we offer, are appreciated for the works of concrete formwork due to its resistance, high density and reuse.

At REMASA EL PINO we make panels with select quality wood frames and boards in the type that you require.