Our company

Our company

Gestion Maderera SAC is a company located in Lima, Peru. In the early 60s, the brothers, Hernán and Alberto Feijoo began their efforts in the Peruvian forest industry with determination and sacrifice.

With vision and love to work, they formed Representaciones Madereras SA (REMASA), recognized for its high-quality customer service and outstanding products.

In 1972, the sawing plant was inaugurated and changing the business name to REMASA EL PINO.

With years of hard work REMASA EL PINO has become a solid company, with unequal customer service, a wide range of excellent quality products and great prestige recognized in the national and international market.

The company continues its growth conducted by the second generation, who with a large team of prepared people assist our customers quickly and effectively, increasing our quality and service standards day by day, unattainable by similar companies in the wood business.

The acquired expertise allows us to optimize the use of natural resources that are important to our country, our clients and ourselves. Our technical division is constantly solving the needs of our clients and attending the most demanding requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Today, our group has 13,500 m2 of warehouse and processing plant in Lima and provinces, as well as a division specialized in imports and exports with agents and strategic partners in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, United States, Spain, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

We have a staff of trained salesmen and a desire to serve as you deserve. We make great efforts to maintain the largest wood and plywood stock in the country. We seek that our customers receive everything needed from a lumber company: quality, promptness, punctuality, efficiency, fair price and good service.

Our mission

To be strategic partners of our customers using quality logs in an efficient and innovative way, modern machinery, and compromising all our processes to environmental care and with the rational use of natural resources, collaborating to the sustainable development of our country.


Our vision is to be the leading company in the commercialization of wood products in Peru and worldwide, becoming commercial partners of our clients, generating value through successful businesses, and establishing strong ties with our suppliers and collaborators.

Philosophy and Values

We are characterized by respecting good practices and customs of our society, we strive to contribute to personal and professional development of our collaborators, helping our clients to achieve successful business.


Coherent With Our Clients And Workers, We Fulfill Assumed Commitments.


Integrity, generating confidence in our clients, collaborators, suppliers and the community. We do not engage in illegitimate business transactions.


We preach Honesty, conveying that we are a formal and ethical company, based on constant work that taxes and generates income to our country.


We are constantly evaluating the possibility to Innovate by reviewing our processes periodically.

Respect And Listen

We do Respect And Listen different points of view. We work under open-minded policies and we believe that our clients, partners and friends deserve the utmost respect.


We work so that clients, collaborators, shareholders and friends, feel proud to share their work with us, and together we sow a future of progress, always committed to the rational and legal use of natural resources.

Generate employment

We generate employment by improving the social and economic conditions of our workers, and the community in which we develop.

sustainable development

We actively participate in the sustainable development of our Amazon, collaborating with the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem, which is why we faithfully reject illegal logging and trade.

Punctual payment of taxes and fees

We are committed to the country contributing with the punctual payment of taxes and fees that are generated for the regions involved.

Quality And Service

These principles oblige us to continue leading the business of wood, plywood, boards and related products, with high standards of QUALITY and SERVICE.